BioGraphene Gr-BS

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Cat. #153982

BioGraphene Gr-BS

Cat. #: 153982

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Institute: University of Connecticut

Tool Details

Tool Details


  • Tool name: BioGraphene Gr-BS
  • Description: High quality graphene with good colloidal stability and low toxicity that has direct use in cell culture studies and other biological applications such as drug delivery, bioelectronics and biosensors. Prepared in biocompatible media (serum) for high stability and low nanotoxicity
  • Additional notes: Bovine serum coated graphene. Aqueous solution (50 ml); BioGraphene; shelf life of 35 days; 2.9 mg/ml. Highlights: High colloidal stability, Low toxicity, Protein-coated, Biocompatible


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  • Controlling the Graphene-Bio Interface: Dispersions in Animal Sera for Enhanced Stability and Reduced Toxicity.
  • BioGraphene: Direct Exfoliation of Graphite in a Kitchen Blender for Enzymology Applications.
  • Kumar et al. 2016. Methods Enzymol. 571:225-44. PMID: 27112402.