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Your frequently asked questions



Why was created?

Research tools are critical for scientists to advance cancer research discoveries. aims to aid the accessibility of cancer research materials by creating a global, non-profit, cancer-focused research tools biorepository.  Please visit our about us page to watch our video and read more about our mission.

Where is based?’s main offices are based in London, UK and Boston, US. To contact one of our offices, please visit our contact us page.


How to deposit

Why should I choose to deposit my research tools with is the first-of-its-kind global, non-profit, cancer-focused, research tools biorepository.

The biorepository is managed under internationally recognised quality standards, and has a dedicated team to manage your research tools for you.

Discover more about depositing your research tools with

What is the deposit process?

  1. Submit information related to the tool you wish to contribute
    a. You have developed a research tool that is cancer related or of interest to cancer researchers
    b. Register your interest through the website
  2. A team member will liaise with you and relevant personnel to ensure all requirements are met
    a. You receive an email requesting further information associated with your research tools for example, the tool type, relevant details, accompanying images, ownership and references, if any.
    b. Once the information is gathered, it will be reviewed by the team
    c. A member of the team will get in touch to welcome you to the community and to provide you with more details on next steps
    d. We will work with your institute’s technology transfer office, to ensure all necessary legal requirements are met – This process can vary depending on the size and priorities of your technology transfer office
    e. We work with you to set up, review and finalise the online page detailing your research tool
    f. You have the option to set up your own online profile page providing other global members of the cancer community the opportunity to find out more about you and your research and to request collaboration opportunities
  3. The team will manage and maintain your tools and make them available to the wider cancer research community
    a. Cancer researchers worldwide can now request and access your research tool(s) via

What research tools can I deposit?

The current portfolio consists of antibodies, cell lines, iPSCs,  organoids, mouse models, media, vectors, proteins and small molecules that have been developed in a lab. Discover more about depositing your research tools.

Inventorship, Ownership and Intellectual property rights

Who are the inventors of my cancer research tool?

This is usually the individual(s) who created the tangible new research tool. For example, this could be the post-doc who created the research tool in the laboratory, and/or their principal investigator or lab manager who developed and planned the creation of the tool.

Who are the owners of my cancer research tool?

If you created a research tool whilst you were employed at a company, university or research institute, then there will be specific terms in place, usually detailed in your employment or other contract, that determine the ownership of the rights in any research tools that you create. These terms can differ between countries and between institutes. In the UK, for example, the owner is typically the university or other entity that you were employed by or affiliated to at the time you developed the research tool.

Will we be acknowledged as the depositor of the research tool?

The research tool website page will state the inventors and owners of a research tool and the inventor’s affiliated research institute (if applicable) at the time the research tool was developed. If you have made another research tool available via, such other research tool will also be referenced.


Does my tool need to be patented?

A research tool does not need to be patented to be available on

Do you help me patent?

No. If you wish to apply for a patent for your research tool, it is up to you or the owner of the research tool (as applicable) to apply. If your research tool already has an associated patent (and/or trade mark), it is up to the affiliated institute to maintain those intellectual property rights at their discretion.

Does my research tool need to be published before I can contribute it?

Your research tool does not need to have been included in a published research paper. However, you will need to provide evidence of the tool’s use and functionality. We also ask that you keep us updated of any publications when they are granted.

What are third party rights associated to my research tool?

A third party may have rights in a component of your research tool that has been developed elsewhere, e.g. at another institute, or by somebody else, such as host cell line, fluorescent tag, promotion vector etc. For example, if you create a new genetically modified cell line, the creator of the parental cell line (if not you) would also need to be identified. If another laboratory developed the parental line, then that laboratory/their affiliated institute would have rights in the parental line and therefore potentially in your research tool. There may also be terms in place between your institute and a third party that determine ownership of the rights in certain research tools. This means that multiple institutes could have ownership rights in your research tool, and you will need permission from all those third parties before you can sell the research tool – something that the team at is here to help with.

What are my rights after depositing?

When a research tool is made available via, ownership of the tool doesn’t change. As the inventor or owner of a research tool, you, and your affiliated research institute if applicable (at the time the research tools was developed), are free to continue to use the tool for your own research and teaching purposes. will manage access requests and distribute your tool to cancer researchers globally.


Sending my tools to

Do I need to provide my own packaging and materials e.g. dry ice/ labels etc.? will provide you with instructions on the packaging requirements and how to package your research tools to ensure safe delivery to our biorepository and production facilities. A team member will also be available to answer any queries you may have on the packaging process.

Who’s responsible for the shipping and payment for the contribution of my tools to will liaise with you to arrange the collection of your tools for shipping using our nominated courier. Although the collection is complimentary for all community members, depending on the region you are requesting the collection from, you may need to liaise directly with the nominated courier to arrange your research tools collection at a time that suits you – our team are able to provide guidance on this process if needed.


Joining the global community

Why should I partner with is paving the way for cancer researchers, institutes, professional societies, membership organisations and other non-profits to unite globally, to accelerate cancer research. Discover more about our global cancer connections. 

Who else has partnered with has partnered with cancer researchers from 180+ institutes and societies worldwide. More information on our latest partners can be found through our announcements. If you would like to partner with, please get in touch!


Commercial licensing agreements

Why should I license research tools from

We have curated a large and diverse portfolio of research tools and technologies with a core focus on cancer through our collaborative model with leading cancer scientists globally.

Our existing agreements with commercial organisations facilitate the use of these tools and technologies within their research and development programs covering various areas including drug discovery, disease modeling and in-vitro diagnostics. actively partners with commercial organisations to help them:

  • gain access to novel tools and technologies
  • speed up proof of concept and validation
  • open unexplored strategically aligned avenues

Together, we can leverage research tools and technologies developed at Cancer Research UK and leading cancer institutes in the world.

If you are a commercial organisation and are interested in accessing some of’s collection of research tools, get in touch with our Licensing team.

The Licensing team;

  • has global scope across all tool types
  • makes tools available for internal Research Use and/or in vitro
    diagnostic use
  • has flexibility to pursue a broad range of deal structures
  • has over 30+ years’ experience in licensing

How can I access a research tool for my academic research that is commercially sponsored?

‘Commercially sponsored’ research means research that is sponsored by a for-profit organisation, yet is carried out at a non-profit organisation. In this instance, you will require a commercial use license from our licensing team.

Have additional questions?

Get in touch with a member of our licensing team.

The order process

Why should I access research tools through is an established, single, centralised, online collaborative specifically focused on global cancer research tools such as antibodies, cell lines, experimental models, small molecules etc. from 180+ institutes worldwide. shares a mission with cancer researchers to accelerate cancer research. To that end, tools accessed through pay for future cancer research, via a global revenue share to the inventing researcher and to Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest cancer research charitable foundation. Visit the tool collection.

What tools are available through

The collection consists of a vast diversity of cancer research tools including antibodies, cell lines, iPSCs, organoids, mouse models, KCGS, FragLites, proteins, vectors, media and other latest state of the art technologies such as CRISPR. Start your search. 

What are the payment options when placing an order?

The following payment options are available:

  • Payment via credit card through a secure PayPal link provided upon request.
  • Purchase order with Nett 30 days payment terms.

Should you require information concerning payment details, vendor set up or tax forms, please enquire by emailing [email protected].

Do you charge VAT?

Yes, we charge VAT on credit card payments. However, your institute will be able to claim this back. VAT is additionally charged on all purchase order payments. If you believe that you are exempt from VAT within the purchase order process, then please contact us.

I’ve placed my order, what happens now?

You will receive an automated order acknowledgement/acceptance email including estimated dispatch time.

Once the order is dispatched, you will receive a shipping notification and tracking details via email. In the unlikely event of a delay, we will be sure to keep you informed and get in touch with you via email.


How do we ship our tools?

This information can be found in the handling section on the tool webpage. However, in general:


Research Tool type Shipping conditions
Antibodies 4°C
Cell line Dry Ice -80°C
KCGs & FragLites Dry Ice -80°C
Vectors (liq ml) Dry Ice -80°C
Plasmax Bottles Stable for 12 months at 4°C

Can I get a tool sample before I acquire my desired research tool?

As a non-profit organisation, we are unable to provide samples of our tools free of charge.

Most of our tools are already available with competitive prices.

For further information please refer to the tool pages to ensure that the tools meet your needs before ordering.

Do you have agents in my country?

We do not use any agents, all our tools are being sold directly from our website and shipped globally from our depository in the UK.

If you are interested in any of our tools, please let us know the 6-digit tool number from our website and we will be happy to provide you with the quote.

Where can you ship to?

We sell all our tools directly from our website and ship Worldwide* from our biorepository based in United Kingdom. We do not have nominated agents in any country.

Please note that shipments of our tools to different countries might require additional permits and procedures to be followed to secure smooth transit and custom clearance.

Orders to China can only be shipped with customer’s nominated forwarder.

As a non-profit organisation we are doing our utmost to minimise cost.

*Shipment to the following countries can only be managed by specialist couriers due to dry ice/domestic custom clearance restrictions/regulations:

Spain, Cyrus, SAR China, Russia, India, Romania

Research tools

Cite our research tools in your scientific paper

Thank you for choosing our research tools, please cite us in your publications. This helps other researchers choose the best tools for their research.    

Tool name, was invented by inventor name ( #cat number).  

For example: Anti-EGFP was invented by D. Cai ( #155258).

Questions about a specific research tool?

Please get in touch with our technical support team using our Technical Enquiry form. Our technical team will review your enquiry and will get in touch with you.

Questions about our research tools?

Please select the relevant tool category from the options below.



Cell lines



CRISPR technologies

Tool enquiry

Please ensure you use your organisation email address rather than personal where possible, as this helps us locate your organisation in our system faster. uses the contact information provided to respond to you about our research tools and service. For more information please review our privacy policy.