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20 November 2023

GATA3-eGFP reporter cell line: Advancing cancer drug discovery and Innovative tools – Insights from Prof. Matthew Holley

GATA3, a zinc finger transcription factor, is associated with numerous types of cancer in which its level of expression is critical. Drugs that modulate GATA3 expression are of particular interest, which is…
AntibodiesCase-studytumour immunology
4 September 2023

Targeting the difficult-to-drug protein – MYC

Cancer is associated with the abnormal growth of cells which proliferate uncontrollably and can metastasize into surrounding tissues. There are over 200 types of cancer and distinct subtypes have been identified.…
16 February 2023

Brainbow Antibodies

Brainbow antibodies were generated by Dawen Cai, PhD, at University of Michigan, to primarily use as part of multicolour labelling strategy for fluorescent imaging of neuronal circuits and individual neurons…

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