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Case-studyCell lines

GATA3-eGFP reporter cell line: Advancing cancer drug discovery and Innovative tools – Insights from Prof. Matthew Holley

GATA3, a zinc finger transcription factor, is associated with numerous types of cancer in which its level…
20 November 2023 Read More
AntibodiesCase-studytumour immunology

Targeting the difficult-to-drug protein – MYC

Cancer is associated with the abnormal growth of cells which proliferate uncontrollably and can metastasize…
4 September 2023 Read More

Brainbow Antibodies

Brainbow antibodies were generated by Dawen Cai, PhD, at University of Michigan, to primarily use…
16 February 2023 Read More
Case-studyCell linesSkin

The importance of studying Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Professor Leigh and her team have contributed to various streams of SCC and BCC research,…
9 January 2023 Read More
Case-studyDiagnosticsSmall molecules

The Kinase Chemogenomic Set (KCGS)

There are approximately 518 kinases encoded within the genome but for over 150 of these, their substrate…
14 December 2021 Read More
Case-studyCell cultureMedia

PlasmaxTM vs DMEM the impact of physiologically relevant cell culture media

Choosing an appropriate cell culture medium is a crucial step in in vitro cell biology research. With…
14 October 2021 Read More
Case-studyCell cultureMedia

PlasmaxTM: A physiologically relevant cell culture media

PlasmaxTM is a physiologically relevant cell culture medium that closely resembles the metabolic and nutritional…
11 November 2020 Read More
Case-studytumour immunologyvectors

Introducing the pcPPT-mPGK-attR-sLPmCherry-WPRE vector

One of the major challenges for tumour research is identifying how tumour cells exploit their…
1 June 2020 Read More

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