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Cell lines

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Cell lines


Cancer related*



Cancer types include:

Key application areas and models of our cell lines include:


Cell lines that form tumours when transplanted in hosts to study early and late events of tumour development in a physiologically relevant micro-environment.

Drug resistance

Over 90 cell lines resistant to many of the commonly used chemotherapeutic drugs to better understand resistance mechanisms and develop new therapeutics.

Non-cancerous immortalised cell lines

Providing easier culture than primary cells and reproducible results in various applications, including drug discovery, compound screening, and toxicity studies

Stem-cell lines

Such as mouse embryonic stem cells, human mesenchymal stem cells, and human iPS cells, to study early human development, tissue regeneration, repair, and renewal.

*Cancer image supplied by LRI EM department;

**Tissues image attributed to Steve Bagley from the CRUK Manchester Institute and Darren Roberts from the Institute of Cancer Sciences at the University of Manchester


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