Anti-BCRABL [7c6] mAb

Cat. #151062

Anti-BCRABL [7c6] mAb

Cat. #: 151062

Sub-type: Primary antibody

Unit size: 100 ug

Availability: 3-4 weeks

Target: BCRABL

Class: Monoclonal

Application: IF ; IP ; WB

Reactivity: Human

Host: Mouse


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Inventor: Susheela Dhut

Institute: Queen Mary University of London

Tool Details
Target Details
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Tool Details


  • Name: Anti-BCRABL [7c6] mAb
  • Alternate name: Cell division control protein 13; YDL22C
  • Clone: 7c6
  • Tool type ecom: Antibodies
  • Tool sub type: Primary antibody
  • Class: Monoclonal
  • Conjugation: Unconjugated
  • Molecular weight: 210 kDa
  • Strain: Balb/c
  • Reactivity: Human
  • Host: Mouse
  • Application: IF ; IP ; WB
  • Description: Monoclonal antibody directed against BCR-ABL oncoprotein.
  • Immunogen: Bcr686 thyroglobulin conjugate
  • Immunogen uniprot id: Q62199
  • Isotype: IgG2a
  • Myeloma used: P3X63Ag8

Target Details

  • Target: BCRABL
  • Molecular weight: 210 kDa
  • Target background: The BCR gene is involved in the 9:22 translocation that generates the Philadelphia chromosome both in chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) and in a proportion of cases of acute lymphocytic leukaemia (ALL). A 5' bcr sequence becomes fused to an abl sequence (including tyrosine kinase domain sequences) from chromosome 9. This results in the production of a chimeric BCR-ABL oncoprotein with constitutively active tyrosine kinase activity. Anti-BCRABL antibody may be useful for studies of the oncogene and have potential diagnostic and prognostic applications, particularly within leukaemia. This antibody is specific for the SSINEEITPRRQS epitope of BCR (residues 686-696), and as such is able to recognise full-length BCR and the p210 form of the BCR-ABL fusion protein.


  • Application: IF ; IP ; WB


  • Format: Liquid
  • Concentration: 1 mg/ml
  • Unit size: 100 ug
  • Storage buffer: PBS with 0.02% azide
  • Storage conditions: Store at -20° C frozen. Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles
  • Shipping conditions: Shipping at 4° C

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