Anti-AnnexinI [ANEX 5E4/1]

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Cat. #151206

Anti-AnnexinI [ANEX 5E4/1]

Cat. #: 151206

Sub-type: Primary antibody

Unit size: 100 ug

Availability: 1-2 weeks

Target: Annexin I

Class: Monoclonal

Application: ELISA ; IHC ; IF ; IP ; WB

Reactivity: Human

Host: Mouse


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Institute: University College London (UCL)

Tool Details
Target Details

Tool Details


  • Name: Anti-AnnexinI [ANEX 5E4/1]
  • Research fields: Apoptosis and autophagy;Biochemistry;Cell biology;Cell signaling and signal transduction;Immunology;Tissue-specific biology
  • Clone: ANEX 5E4/1
  • Tool sub type: Primary antibody
  • Class: Monoclonal
  • Conjugation: Unconjugated
  • Molecular weight: 32 kDa
  • Strain: Balb/c
  • Reactivity: Human
  • Host: Mouse
  • Application: ELISA ; IHC ; IF ; IP ; WB
  • Description: Annexin I has been implicated in the regulation of phagocytosis, cell signaling and cell proliferation.
  • Immunogen: Mixture of native membrane proteins from human bone tissues which would include whole native annexin proteins.
  • Isotype: IgG1
  • Myeloma used: Sp2/0-Ag14
  • Recommended controls: Endothelial cells

Target Details

  • Target: Annexin I
  • Molecular weight: 32 kDa
  • Tissue cell line specificity: Endothelial cells
  • Target background: Annexin I has been implicated in the regulation of phagocytosis, cell signaling and cell proliferation.


  • Application: ELISA ; IHC ; IF ; IP ; WB


  • Format: Liquid
  • Concentration: 1 mg/ml
  • Unit size: 100 ug
  • Storage buffer: PBS with 0.02% azide
  • Storage conditions: -15° C to -25° C
  • Shipping conditions: Shipping at 4° C


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