ADP biosensor/Rho-ParM

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Cat. #154067

ADP biosensor/Rho-ParM

Cat. #: 154067

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Inventor: Dr Simone Kunzelmann ; Dr Martin Webb

Institute: The Francis Crick Institute

Tool Details

Tool Details


  • Tool name: ADP biosensor/Rho-ParM
  • Additional notes: In vitro assays for ADP; ATPase activity assay; kinase activity assay Protein expressed from pHis17_ParM_2. Separate protocol for protein preparation and labeling. The biosensor is patent protected (US and EP).


  • Kunzelmann et al. 2011. Biochem J. 440(1):43-9. PMID: 21812760.
  • Fluorescence detection of GDP in real time with the reagentless biosensor rhodamine-ParM.
  • Kunzelmann et al. 2009. J Biol Chem. 284(48):33130-8. PMID: 19801632.
  • A biosensor for fluorescent determination of ADP with high time resolution.