C2.2.2 cell line

Cat. #161800

C2.2.2 cell line

Cat. #: 161800

Organism: Human

Tissue: Skin


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Inventor: Christoper Stipp

Institute: University Of Iowa Research Foundation

Primary Citation: Feddersen et al.2019. Cancer Res. 79(19). PMID: 31416852

Tool Details

Tool Details


  • Name: C2.2.2 cell line
  • Alternate name: C2.2.2
  • Parental cell: A375 Melanoma (ATCC)
  • Organism: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Tissue: Skin
  • Donor: A375 (ATCC) -human melanoma cell line of a solid tumor from a 54-year-old female.
  • Morphology: Compact Morphology
  • Description: Spontaneous vemurafenib resistant A375 Melanoma Clones. Shows frequent alterations of BRAF^V600 protein. No increased VAV1 protein levels. Increased MEK Phosphorylation on S298 (Pak Site).
  • Production details: Long-term cultures of A375 cells in 3 ?M vemurafenib. Spontaneous vemurafenib-resistant clones and populations were created after 2–3 and 4–6 weeks cultured in 3 mm vemurafenib. Maintained in media with 3 mm vemurafenib.


  • Growth medium: DMEM(Gibco) suplemented with penicillin/streptomycin (Gibco) and 10% FBS (Gibco).


  • Feddersen et al.2019. Cancer Res. 79(19).PMID: 31416844
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