Anti-FANCD2 [R3687]

Cat. #154176

Anti-FANCD2 [R3687]

Cat. #: 154176

Sub-type: Primary antibody

Unit size: 100 ug

Target: Fanconi anemia complementation group D2

Class: Polyclonal

Application: IP ; WB

Reactivity: Human

Host: Rabbit


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Inventor: Maureen Hoatlin

Institute: Oregon Health & Science University

Tool Details
Target Details

Tool Details

*FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY (for other uses, please contact the licensing team)

  • Name: Anti-FANCD2 [R3687]
  • Alternate name: FANCD2
  • Research fields: Genetics
  • Tool sub type: Primary antibody
  • Class: Polyclonal
  • Conjugation: Unconjugated
  • Reactivity: Human
  • Host: Rabbit
  • Application: IP ; WB
  • Immunogen: hFANCD2 amino acids 1-292

Target Details

  • Target: Fanconi anemia complementation group D2


  • Application: IP ; WB


  • Format: Liquid
  • Concentration: 0.9-1.1 mg/ml
  • Unit size: 100 ug
  • Storage conditions: -15° C to -25° C
  • Shipping conditions: Shipping at 4° C


  • Hlzel et al. 2003. J Pathol. 201(2):198-203. PMID: 14517836.
  • Meetei et al. 2003. Nat Genet. 35(2):165-70. PMID: 12973351.
  • FANCD2 protein is expressed in proliferating cells of human tissues that are cancer-prone in Fanconi anaemia.
  • A novel ubiquitin ligase is deficient in Fanconi anemia.