GlowDot Ex: 402 nm

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Cat. #153880

GlowDot Ex: 402 nm

Cat. #: 153880

Sub-type: Fluorescent Probe

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Inventor: C. Vijaya Kumar

Institute: University of Connecticut

Tool Details
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Tool Details


  • Tool name: GlowDot Ex: 402 nm
  • Research fields: Cell biology;Other
  • Tool sub type: Fluorescent Probe
  • Description: Fluorescent protein-based nanoparticles that are rapidly internalized into the cytoplasm of cells and are available at a variety of excitation/emission wavelengths to meet diverse research needs. Highlights: Biocompatible nanoparticles Highly fluorescent Rapid cellular uptake Suitable for live cell imaging
  • Additional notes: Solid (1 mg); GlowDot; 35nm; Âą 5 nm; Ex: 254 nm; Ex: 402 nm; Em: 475, 520, 603nm; shelf life of 2 months


  • Storage conditions: 4C

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