Homozygous Mutant DISC1 (1001) mouse

Cat. #156432

Homozygous Mutant DISC1 (1001) mouse

Cat. #: 156432

Sub-type: Mouse

Availability: 6-8 weeks

Disease: Schizophrenia and psychiatric illnesses

Model: Mutant

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Inventor: Mikhail Plentnikov

Institute: Johns Hopkins University

Tool Details
Target Details

Tool Details


  • Tool name: Homozygous Mutant DISC1 (1001) mouse
  • Research fields: Drug development;Neurobiology
  • Tool sub type: Mouse
  • Disease: Schizophrenia and psychiatric illnesses
  • Model: Mutant
  • Description: This homozygous mouse strain (1001) carries mutant hDISC1 without gross developmental defects. In this strain, the expression of mutant hDISC1 is restricted to forebrain regions using TET-off system under the control of CAMKII. In addition, the expression can be suppressed by feeding the mice with doxycycline (DOX). These transgenic animals allow selective control of mutant hDISC1 expression in forebrain neurons and, herein provide a valuable research tool to study pathogenesis of schizophrenia and to conduct experimental therapeutics for the disease. This line is on a mixed background (B6; SJL; CBA).
  • Genetic background: B6; SJL; CBA
  • Zygosity: Homozygous

Target Details

  • Target: DISC1


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  • Abazyan et al. 2010. Biol Psychiatry. 68(12):1172-81. PMID: 21130225.