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Research tools such as antibodies, cell lines, organoids, experimental models and other state of the art technologies form both a critical and valuable part of cancer research. These materials are fundamental- enabling scientists to conduct research, confirm results and prove their reproducibility- without them, the ways in which we understand cancer and the pioneering efforts had in prevention, diagnosis and treatment, would not be possible. The research tools you create can have long-term impact, even if they don’t have any clinical or drug development potential.

Your research tools are valuable to other likeminded cancer scientists, assisting the progression of new discoveries and supporting our shared mission of accelerating cancer research globally. Depositing your research tools can provide multiple advantages to both you and other scientists worldwide.

The home for your Cancer Research tools

Making your tools available to other scientists can be an arduous task and is yet another job to add into your already huge list of high priority tasks. offers cancer scientists a single, centralised resource to contribute their cancer research tools towards. Depositing your research tool to ensures that your tools are curated in one place for cancer investigators to seamlessly access thousands of unique materials from universities across all six continents on the website.

Support Cancer Research

Progress in cancer research has always been dependent on the generosity and willingness from scientists to make their unique materials available to their colleagues – in-fact, the peer review process to confirm new results is based on this very notion. Stemming from a spirit of depositing and collaboration, the initiative leans closely to these values to help drive cancer research discoveries.

For scientists to be able to continually make progressions in the field, accessibility to the best research tools is crucial. Making your research tools available through the portfolio grants this accessibility, enhances the influence of ongoing research, and allows other scientists to benefit from them across a range of cancer research areas. Your deposit ultimately supports the acceleration of discoveries and the ways in which we understand cancer globally.

Good science needs the best research tools to carry it out. It is paramount that these research tools are widely and easily available to scientists so that we can maximise the opportunity for breakthroughs. At, we are proud to be supporting cancer research by making these tools accessible to any scientist that needs them.

Robert Bondaryk, Global Head.

Conclusion shares a mission with cancer researchers to accelerate cancer research. As Cancer Research UK’s research tools arm, tools accessed through pay for future cancer research via a global revenue share to the inventing institute and to Cancer Research UK – the worlds largest cancer research charitable foundation.

To date, researchers from 175 academic institutes worldwide have deposited their research tools to the biorepository. Why hold back? Join your colleagues globally in our shared mission to advance cancer research.

Deposit your research tools:

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Please ensure you use your organisation email address rather than personal where possible, as this helps us locate your organisation in our system faster. uses the contact information provided to respond to you about our research tools and service. For more information please review our privacy policy.