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Cancer Research UK launches, a not-for-profit, global research tool collaborative

London, UK: Cancer Research UK (CRUK), the world’s largest charitable funder of cancer research, has unveiled a new initiative –, as its global research tools arm. aims to be the premier global non-profit research tools collaborative with a primary focus on supporting cancer research. It is a first of its kind initiative in this space where scientists can contribute research tools developed in their lab, thereby enhancing the impact of their research, supporting fellow scientists in academia and industry.

Research tools include physical, tangible materials such as antibodies, cell lines, organoids, experimental models, etc. that are created in labs around the world, to help researchers materialise the ways in which we understand cancer to ultimately provide patients with the best possible outcomes. Such tools are physically scattered across labs around the world and not easily accessible, so has been developed to support cancer researchers in accessing and contributing a diverse range of cancer research tools.

“I’m delighted that with the launch of, we are extending our avenues of support to cancer researchers to further accelerate cancer research breakthroughs through research tools”

Tony Hickson, Chief Business Officer, CRUK

Cancer Research UK has an international footprint and works in partnership with others to advance cancer research and benefits for patients everywhere.

“We’re calling on research institutions and funders around the world to work with to ensure that cutting edge technologies are shared effectively and efficiently. What’s more, proceeds from the distribution of these tools will be ploughed back into research, helping to further accelerate.”

Iain Foulkes, Executive Director, Research & Innovation CRUK

This new initiative builds on the Ximbio platform created by CRUK 7 year’s ago and aims to create a multi-institution, worldwide collaborative. To date scientists from over 175 institutes have contributed thousands of research tools and benefitted from the 40+ years of knowledge, capability and experience the team has in managing, maintaining, and distributing research tools at a global scale. Through this and various other partnerships, aims to emphasise its role as the leading non-profit global research tools collaborative in accelerating cancer research.

“Partnering with leading societies, institutes and researchers through a centralised programme -, will enable cancer researchers globally to collaborate, share knowledge and contribute/acquire research tools, allowing us all to progress our shared Mission. We are creating a direct-to-consumer platform where scientists can contribute their tools easier than ever, enabling them to get on with their research knowing their tools are readily accessible the world over.”

Robert Bondaryk, Global Head, Research Tools

About, the research tools arm of CRUK, is a non-profit, global community of cancer researchers, academic institutes and societies, with a shared mission to accelerate cancer research. In this collaborative, researchers contribute research tools and share knowledge to deepen our understanding of cancer, and drive innovation within cancer research. is actively seeking cancer research institutes, universities, societies and membership bodies to join the collaborative and enhance the benefits they provide their researchers and members whilst progressing our shared Mission to accelerate cancer research worldwide.

About CRUK

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. It invests more than £400 million annually into cancer research through funding schemes, conferences, initiatives, resources, and a UK-wide network of research infrastructure across basic, translational, clinical and population research.

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