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I found out about through my colleagues at the TTO who met representatives from at a scientific meeting. I think is an interesting mode of action, which has a lot of potential benefit to amplify the benefits of previous research, by not allowing important biological tools to be lost. Tools which I developed long ago in my PhD can be made available to whoever wants to use them.

Prof. Pierre Schembri WismayerMalta University

I think it’s great! It’s very nice that the antibodies are available to people. It really makes sense that it’s done efficiently and commercially. It was helpful when Cancer Research UK took over and started to look after the cells and so on, as in the end, it is a distraction from your work when you are sending them around.

Prof. Peter BeverleyCancer Research UK

Partnering with provided the advantage that people would receive a standardised product. This is because scaling up to the same facilities of a full production laboratory can be difficult in a research focused lab.

Prof. Irene LeighQueen Mary University of London was great - they fully understood my concerns and were able to successfully transport my reagents from the Netherlands to the UK and store them safely in's repository. I am thoroughly relieved that my reagents are safe and have every trust in, that they will be managed properly. It is fantastic news that my scientific legacy will not be going to waste and will instead be available for any researcher to access and use as needed.

Dr. Pranab Das

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